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It is itchy allergy time!  Please take a look at Dr. Karen Becker’s YouTube Video on Yeast Infection in dogs.  Sugar and carbs (carbohydrates break down into sugars), need to be eliminated since yeast feeds on sugars. Check your pet’s food label. If it contains sugar (which includes honey, high fructose corn syrup, white or sweet potatoes) get rid of it and switch to a food high in protein.  (Raw diets are ideal for allergies. Dr. Karen Becker’s YouTube Video on Raw Diets)itchy dog

The use of Coconut Oil in your dogs diet is great for balancing the good bacteria in your dog.  Dr. Karen Becker’s YouTube Video on using Coconut Oil in your dog’s diet.



Happy Easter from the Dogwood Inn Gang!


The Dog Food Advisor

The Dog Food Advisor is a terrific resource for finding the perfect foods for your furry friend.  *It is like the “Consumer Reports” for dog food.  It lists the ingredients for each food so you can do your label reading of the ingredients from your home before you hit the dog food aisle and the pretty packaging.   Dog Food Advisor will rate the dry, wet and raw foods with the star system and the reasons for the ratings.

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They also have very informative articles on topics such as the best weight loss foods if Fluffy is a little too fluffy; Understanding Dog Food Labels;  hypoallergenic foods for the allergy prone canine; low protein diets for dogs diagnosed with liver disease; Diabetic Dog Food; Rotation Diet for Dogs; RAW Food Diets; Dog Foods for Specific Health Problems; etc.

dog food advisorPet Food & Treat Recall Alerts

The feature that I find the most valuable is the Pet Food Recall list and Alerts.  You can get dog food recall alerts and dog treat recall alerts sent to you by email as soon as they become aware of any recall event in the United States or Canada.

Please, do you dog a favor and check out the ingredients, learn how to read and decipher the labels and refrain from buying based on the pretty packaging.  Your dog is going to eat the food, not wear the bag.

*They do not accept money or samples from pet food companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews or ratings. In addition, to avoid any influence from the pet food industry, they do not allow display advertising from manufacturers.editors-choice-165

For further reading, Check out Canine Canine NutrigenomicsNutrigenomics and Dog Food Logic.  You can find both books at Dogwise located in Wenatchee.

Check out this genius dog fixing his own breakfast.